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Shandong tire rubber industry environmental problems broke out

On December 23, Shandong Province announced the “List of Environmental Protection Inspectors”.

On December 23, Shandong Province announced the “List of Environmental Protection Inspectors”.

It is reported that the province's "second batch of environmental protection inspectors and the first batch of environmental protection inspectors 'reviewing the work" have been completed, and an inspector's report has been formed.

Tire World Network found that Dongying, Rizhao, Laiwu, Heze and other cities have multiple environmental protection inspectors, which are related to the rubber tire industry.

Dongying: Zhongyi Rubber was named

The slow improvement of the chemical industry and the low rate of admission are a key environmental issue in Dongying City.

It is reported that there are 556 various chemical enterprises in the city, and 154 enterprises in the provincial recognized industrial parks, the admission rate is only 28%.

The "Problem List" pointed out that the relevant departments of Dongying City have not been able to supervise the illegal construction of chemical enterprises, and the supervision of the problems of batch construction and non-approval is not in place, and some illegal projects have been completed and put into production.

According to Tire World Network, Shandong Zhongyi Rubber Co., Ltd., located in Guangrao County, Dongying City, was criticized by name.

The company's first-stage semi-steel tire project was not approved. The second-phase project did not go through the EIA procedures in accordance with the law, and started construction without authorization.

At the same time, the environmental protection department found in the inspector that the Guangrao County Chengxin Rubber Factory had an annual output of 3,000 tons of PVC reinforced pipe project. Although the environmental assessment approval procedures were completed, the pollution control facilities have not been matched.

Rizhao: 178 rubber companies have incomplete procedures

The inspector team stressed that Rizhao had been found to have 240 chemical companies with incomplete procedures.

Among them, there are 178 rubber companies.

It is understood that as of the end of the second batch of environmental protection inspectors in Shandong Province, only 89 chemical companies have completed the rectification.

At the same time, the relevant departments of Rizhao City have not adequately supervised the illegal chemical projects, and some of the illegal enterprises have been in production, and have not stopped production and rectification as required.

The "List of Problems" emphasizes that there are a number of rubber products manufacturers with incomplete procedures, such as Changchun Rubber & Plastic Co., Ltd., in the rubber and plastics industry gathering area of ​​Zhonglou Town, Laoshan District, Rizhao City.

Until July and August of 2018, the Laoshan District Government requested that the illegal rubber products enterprises with incomplete procedures be suspended for rectification.

Laiwu, Heze: Inadequate supervision of hazardous waste

Tire World Network found that the regulation of hazardous waste is one of the major problems in the cities of Laiwu and Heze.

There are a number of enterprises in Laiwu City, which are not standardized on the use of hazardous waste account information and hazardous waste transfer. The gap between storage places and national requirements is large.

Among them, the Huitong Tire Factory located in the city of Rukou is typical.

The problems identified by this company, including the construction of dangerous waste storage, are not standardized, the temporary storage of sludge is not in storage, and the paint buckets are kept in disorder.

In addition, the inspection team found that the rubber auxiliaries manufacturer Shandong Shengao Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. located in Heze City, the actual production of solid waste (hazardous waste), and the EIA forecasted a large gap.

At the same time, the company's slag, coal ash desulfurization gypsum and other industrial waste, there is no account, the direction is unknown.