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Tire enterprise technology innovation "tighten" green environmental protection

In 2018, green environmental protection has become a real problem that domestic tire companies must face.

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In 2018, green environmental protection has become a real problem that domestic tire companies must face.

Tire World Network found that with the accelerated industrialization of green tires, domestic tire companies are starting from new technologies and practicing green environmental protection concepts.

1. Successful development of power generation tires

At the end of November, the first generation of friction nano-power green smart tires was successfully developed.

The product is based on a friction nanogenerator that combines the properties of a white carbon black tire to generate electricity that can recover the energy generated by tire and ground friction.

According to reports, the successful launch of this tire is of great significance to the future energy saving and emission reduction and energy crisis.

2, graphene tires are still the focus

On June 5, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced a list of technologies and products that encouraged the promotion of applications.

Graphene modified conductive static tires are one of them.

It is reported that Mori Kirin's first graphene conductive static tire development and off-line, Huagao ink is fully involved.

According to industry experts, the particularity of this tire product is to achieve environmental protection by reducing fuel consumption by improving wet skid resistance and reducing rolling resistance.

3. Implementation of new standards for green tire technology

On May 28th, the group standard of “Green Design Product Evaluation Technical Specification Automobile Tire” was jointly issued by China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation and China Rubber Industry Association.

On August 27th, this standard was officially implemented, replacing the original green tire technical standards.

Group standards include tire life cycle assessments covering tire production, transportation, sale, and final disposal.

According to the analysis, by evaluating the environmental impact of the tire life cycle, it is conducive to the improvement of tire ecologicalization and promote the development of green tire industrialization.

4, RFID technology has become popular

May 23-25, the sixth global conference on four international standards for RFID electronic tags was held.

Soft-controlled shares Dong Lanfei is the convener of the four international standards working groups.

In 2018, the tire RFID automation equipment produced by Soft Control Co., Ltd. was officially sold to Europe.

Many Chinese tire companies, such as triangle tires, racing tires, and exquisite tires, have all developed RFID research and development, and have applied them on related tires.

This technology improves the traceability and clean production standards of tire products by recording all the data in the production process.

The industry believes that RFID technology is bringing earth-shaking changes to the tire industry.